Dr. Nasir Usman, M.Pd

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Dr. Nasir Usman, M.Pd. was born in Samuti Rayeuk, Gandapura District, Bireuen District in 1960. Basic education was completed in 1972, the elementary school in Samuti Rayeuk, Gandapura Sub-district, Bireun Regency and junior high school was completed in 1975 at Gandapura Bireuen District, while secondary education was completed in 1979 from Middle School Above State 2 Bireuen Regency Aceh Province Indonesia. Undergraduate degree (S1) is obtained from the Department of Education Administration of the Teaching and Education Faculty of Syiah University Kuala Darussalam, Banda Aceh (1984), S2 from the Department of Education Administration School of Postgraduate IKIP Bandung West Java (1994), and S3 majoring in Indonesian Education University Postgraduate Education Administration, Bandung West Java (2008). After completing S1 to become the Field Coordinator of Save Chidren Aceh Field Office (1984-1990), and the permanent lecturer at the Teaching and Education Faculty of Syiah Kuala University from 1984 to present. In addition, from 2007 until now, he is now a lecturer in the Teaching and Education Faculty Education Administration Masters Postgraduate Program, Syiah Kuala University. In addition to being an extraordinary lecturer at the Iskandar Muda University (UNIDA) Postgraduate Program in Aceh. In 1999-2001 he was Secretary of the Equalization Program for Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers in the Teaching and Education Faculty of Syiah Kuala University. After the Tsunami, from June 2006 to August 2014 as Unsyiah's Vice Principal of Lab School High School. In September 2015 until now it was entrusted as the Principal of the Laboratory of Syiah Kuala University High School. The trainings that have been followed include: Yayasan Indonesia Solo Management Community Development Program (1986), Training of Trainers Course of Community at Padang (1987), Teacher Training and Lesson Observation at United World College of South East Asia, Singapore (2006), and Principal The Center for International Community College Education and Leadership, University of Missoori-St Louis, United States (Nov-Dec., 2006). School Management Skills Development Program Training Universitas Putra Malaysia (2013). In 2007 wrote a book on Teacher Performance Improvement Management published by Mutiara Ilmu, Bandung. In 2009, he wrote the Strategic Management Implementation book published by Mutiara Ilmu, Bandung. In 2012 wrote a Book of Management for Improving Teacher Performance (Concepts, Theories and Models) published by Citapustaka Media Perintis Bandung. Then he also actively writes in several scientific journals nationally and internationally, including Journal of Discourse, Mondial, Media Education Education Communication, and UPI Bandung Education Platform, Journal of Administration Transformation Vol 3 PKP2A Institute of State Administration (LAN), International Journal Peuraduen, Accepted Paper with Advanced Science Letters (ASL) Scopus ISSN: 1936-6612 (Print): EISSN: 1936-7317 (Online). During his time as a lecturer at FKIP Syiah Kuala University had written published scientific papers: (1) Educational strategies to overcome identity and multidimensional crises (Journal of Vision Discourse Volume IX Edition No. 12 January - April 2003); (2) The role of education in creating employment (Journal of Vision Discourse Volume XI No May 13 - August 2003); (3) Repositioning of education (Initial efforts to develop reliable and qualified human resources) (Vision Discourse Volume XI No September 14 - December 2003); (4) The role of education in economic growth and improvement of human resources (Mondial Vol 4 No.7 Special Edition November 2003); (5) Organization and Organization of Fulfillment of Human Structural Needs Resources (Mondial Vol 3 No.5 July - December 2003); (6) Politics of security, and law (Education: Alternatives and Solutions to Get Out of Crisis) (Mondial Vol 4 No.8 January - June 2004); (7) Contribution of education to employment (Mondial Vol 5-10 January - June 2005); (8) Management of school-based education as a national education development strategy (Educational Media Media Education Journal Vol II No.2 July - December 2006).

The workshops that have been followed are: Trainning Academic Principles for School and Curriculum Design, University of Missory-St.Lois USA, USA; Building a Quality School Workshop, IBM CCR (AP) Team, Banda Aceh; International Seminar on Moral Education in global life, ISPI Province of Aceh, Banda Aceh; Building nation-building education, ISPI, Bandung; Upgrading national management workshops and editors of scientific journals, State University of Malang, Malang; A skill for success for management representative, Sai Global Jakarta, Banda Aceh; School management skills development programe training, Faculty of Education Studie University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia; Refreshment of national sources 2013 curriculum implementation, Ministry of Education and Culture BPSDMPK-PMP Jakarta, Jakarta; Principal Management Training, Aceh Province Education Office, Aceh

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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Nasir Usman, 2013, Majalah Ilmiah Ilmu-Ilmu Humaniora, Mentari, Vol. 1, 362-370, ISSN 1411-2620.

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Buku (Books)

Nasir Usman, 2012, Manajemen Peningkatan Mutu Kinerja Guru, Bandung, Citapustaka Media Perintis, 978-602-9377-07-1.

Nasir Usman, 2009, Implementasi manajemen stratejik dalam pemberdayaan sekolah menengah kejuruan, Banda Aceh, Perdana Publishing, 0.

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

00-00-0000, Trainning Principals Academic for School and Curriculum Design, University of Missory-St.Lois Amerika Serikat, Amerika Serikat
00-00-0000, Building a Quality School Workshop, IBM CCR (AP) Team, Banda Aceh
00-00-0000, Seminar International Pendidikan Moral dalam kehidupan global, ISPI Provinsi NAD, Banda Aceh
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00-00-0000, Penyegaran narasumber nasional implementasi kurikulum 2013, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan BPSDMPK-PMP Jakarta, Jakarta
00-00-0000, Pelatihan Manajemen Kepala Sekolah, Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Aceh, Aceh

Paten (Patents)

2012, Manajemen Peningkatan Kinerja Guru Konsep, Teori, dan Model, ISBN978-602-9377-07-1, Indonesia, Indonesia.
     Nasir Usman.
2007, Standar kompetensi guru sebagai jabatan profesi, JurnalMentariVol10No1ISSN1411-2620, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
     Nasir Usman.